Cheese balls

What is needed (for ~18 pieces):
eggs – 3 pcs
hard cheese – 350 gr
flour – 5 tbsp. (without slide)
baking powder – 1 tsp.
oil – 250 ml
salt – to taste, if the cheese is salty enough, then it is not necessary
breadcrumbs, sesame seeds

To prepare cheese balls, you need to grate hard cheese on a fine grater

Next, we separate the yolks from the whites.

Transfer the egg whites to a dry bowl and beat until stiff peaks form. Add egg yolks, baking powder, salt to taste and flour. Mix everything with a silicone spatula. Add cheese and mix again. We form balls, I do it with wet hands, then it turns out better and easier. Then roll them in breadcrumbs or sesame seeds.

Pour oil into a saucepan and heat, but not too much. Otherwise, the balls will burn on the outside and be raw on the inside. They should fry for about a minute. I put them on a low heat, closer to medium.

And then the most pleasant – delicious!

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