Japanese salad

What is needed:
Beijing cabbage – 1 small
potatoes – 3 medium pieces
pickled cucumbers – 3-4 pieces
carrot – 1 medium
chicken fillet – 1 piece
bay leaf, allspice
mayonnaise, mustard

First, prepare the potatoes: peel them and rub them on a grater like Korean carrots. Fry in a large amount of oil, like deep-frying. You should have shallow cut fries.

Shred Beijing cabbage, grate carrots in the same way as potatoes.

Boil chicken fillet with bay leaf and allspice and cut into arbitrary pieces.

Cut pickled cucumbers thinly into halves of a circle.

Lay out Chinese cabbage, carrots, chicken and cucumbers. Salt and season with sauce. Mix mayonnaise and mustard for it.

Seasoned and mixed salad is sprinkled with crispy potatoes on top.

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