Pancakes with three fillings

Pancakes with three fillings What you need:
eggs – 4 pcs.
flour – 5-7 tbsp.
milk – 1.5 tbsp.
sugar – 3-4 tsp.
salt – a pinch
olive oil – 2 tbsp.

sour milk cheese 5% + powdered sugar
poppy seed filling
cherries 400 g + 20 g starch + sugar to taste, mix everything and cook a little in a saucepan

Add sugar and salt to the eggs, mix with a whisk. Add flour and pour milk little by little, stirring constantly.

Pour in all the milk, mix until smooth and pour in the oil. We mix.

Fry thin pancakes on both sides until ready. Form pancakes as I show in the video.

It turns out very beautiful and incredibly tasty.

Bon appetit!

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