Sun-dried tomatoes in the oven

I will tell you how I did:
tomatoes – 2 kg
a few cloves of garlic
olive oil

For the recipe, I took delicious home-grown tomatoes, I chose those that were fleshy.

Washed them and cut them into quarters. She lined the baking sheet with parchment, stacked the tomatoes with the seeds facing up. Salted well and sprinkled with sugar. Cured at 100 ° for 8.5-9 hours. I put the finished sun-dried tomatoes in a jar, sprinkled with oregano and put chopped garlic

I poured all this with olive oil, closed the jar and put it in the refrigerator for a day. The next day, we successfully ate that jar
And it is delicious to dress salads with oil, it is saturated with spices, garlic and tomatoes.

It’s unreal deliciousness.

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